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The content of your website is a key element that should never be neglected.
Be aware that the contents of all your communication (texts & images) reflect the image of your company. But for your online communication they take even a vital role for your SEO.
Here are 3 golden rules you should respect:

Rule # 1: Engage Recipients

• Who are your recipients?
• What subjects interest them?
• How to talk to them?
• Which style to adopt?
These are the questions you should asked in order to optimize your web content. Actually, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of potential customers who have landed on your site. Therefore you have to captivate them and offer them content that might interest them.
It goes without saying that we will not speak in the same way to a car dealer as to a 15 year old teenager.

Rule # 2: Present quality content

Be aware that your site and / or Blog is only one of millions. To evoke the interest of potential customers, you must distinguish yourself from others. Present an ergonomic, well structured, clear, concise content of high quality -  it is the image of your company which is at stake.
Also, choose relevant keywords, so that your site has a good SEO on the search engines. Remember, you have to find keywords that the potential customer will search intuitively and not the one you use in your technical terms.
And last but not least, take care of  your content's form. There are many sites where you can find typing, spelling, grammar or HTML code errors!

Rule # 3: Care about your  Layout

Avoid large blocks of 50 lines or more, your texts must be aired to guide the eye of your reader ; put titles and subtitles, create paragraphs and columns, embed images or put some keywords in bold.
Finally, vary your content! More visually appealing, the image captures the eye and leads attention to your content.
As you can see, textual and visual content is important and should not be neglected!